Insurance and reinsurance underwriters
Insurance and reinsurance underwriters

Working with
captive managers

I–RE works closely with captive managers to deliver an enhanced range of services and revenue streams.

Increasing revenue

Arming captive managers to increase revenue, RE–PAID can be an unbeatable tool to win new business.

Captive managers can use RE–PAID to build a new commercial risk income stream, from both existing, as well as attracting new clients. I–RE helps captive managers grow by creating new or enhanced commercial property and casualty revenue streams and competitor differentiation, offering new underwriting opportunities.

A turnkey solution

RE–PAID’S turnkey structure has everything in-built. A rated ‘fronting’ and reinsurance limits that create a finite captive exposure for a finite period come included, means captive managers can offer a simple and easy, low friction ‘one-stop shop’ solution.

Diversifying risk

Risk distribution comes included with RE–PAID. I–RE operates its own central fund (this is an in-built third-party risk sharing agreement). This means that risk is ceded to captives ‘pre-pooled’.

As I–RE underwrites 100% commercial risk, clients can now diversify their enterprise risk portfolio – for the first time, underwriting their own commercial risk in the captives they own.

Underwriting and pricing

I–RE uses commercially developed, carrier-approved underwriting models that have been tried and tested across the US.

Working with I–RE, captives and their managers can better, more accurately price and underwrite more classes of insurance in programs that are demonstrably robust under regulatory scrutiny. Which means captives and their managers better underwrite more insurance premium, generating more income and more underwriting profit.

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